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Why do we offer a “cheap” oil change?

When you look at our introductory oil change offer you might immediately think, “hmmm… why so cheap?” To be 100% transparent we don’t believe in offering a “cheap” oil change and we would never compromise our ethics to do so! Now you’re probably really confused so let me explain.

At Essential Auto Care we don’t perform oil changes, we perform an oil service for our clients. An oil service consists of an ASE certified technician performing a courtesy vehicle inspection where he checks the vehicle’s brake system, tires, suspension, steering, on board electronics, warning lights, wipers, and any minor or major services the vehicle may need. This is like having a check up by your doctor. This is performed along with a quality oil and filter replacement. It is absolutely the most important service we can provide our clients. While other outfits might want to rush you in and out, we want to give you a quality experience.

The price is still super inexpensive so that doesn’t explain the price, right? Choosing a mechanic just like choosing a doctor or a dentist isn’t a light decision. What we believe at Essential Auto Care is to provide a low risk opportunity for you to experience our service. We know that if you get to meet our warm and friendly service staff and see how professional and knowledgeable our ASE certified technicians are then making us your mechanic will be a no brainer!

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