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“We’re The Shop That Cares!” – An Open Letter


We are the best automotive repair shop in Queens, New York. Bold statement? If you are raising your eyebrows hopefully I can explain.


As an owner of a small business and an automotive repair shop, I often ponder on what makes our shop different from the rest. I’m not talking about what features we offer and we do offer a great many features such as our nationwide 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty and ASE certified technicians. These are certainly a benefit to our clients however its definitely not enough put us head and shoulders above other shops. It has been a struggle to put into words on exactly why we are the best auto repair shop but it recently dawned on me after being a “customer”.

In the last 12 months, I have been in need of various tradesmen from Contractors, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers and the list goes on. Time and time again what I have experienced was a varying degree of lack of customer service to flat out indifference. I then retrospectively thought about what we do at Essential. The business of auto repair is a trade and we are providing a service so in a broad sense it can be comparable to the other said trades. I then thought about our customers (which we call clients). We constantly think about how we are perceived by out clients. We have meetings on what we need to do to make our clients happy. When something goes wrong with a repair no matter who’s fault it may be we agonize over it. I don’t know how many times I have had conversations with Mike and he tells me how he can’t sleep because he had promised a job to be done for a client and he was in fear that he wasn’t able to make that deadline. When there is a problem, we own up to it always. We pick up client’s vehicles and drop them off. We make sure our clients get their transportation problems resolved while their vehicle is in for service. Even if we are completely booked out, our mantra is, “Yes Mr. Smith, if you need our help we are available to you right now!” because we know how disruptive and stressful vehicle problems can be. Now please don’t misinterpret my meaning, I am sure there are many tradesmen and service companies that do a fantastic job. My purpose for stating my experience is merely to provide a frame of reference. 


Caring. It’s what it boils down to. I know that our team at Essential cares more than any other shop. I know that our Master Technician Ryan will treat your vehicle like he’s working on his mom’s car. I know that Mike our service manager carries professionalism and customer service to another level. I know that there is not a single auto shop owner that cares more than me. It is ingrained in our culture and we are passionate about what we do. We take care of our clients and no one does it better. We care about you.

These might just seem like some words on a page but I challenge you to try us. You won’t regret it.




Adam Liu


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Written by Essential Auto Care