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The most neglected service.

Queens, New York, Power Steering Fluid

When it comes to maintenance, everyone knows to have routine oil changes. However, many will forget about a power steering fluid service. ​Functioning power steering fluid is vital to your cars steering system. The power steering system allows you to turn the vehicle easily at low speeds. Without this fluid it may become extremely difficult to turn the wheel.


This fluid circulates back and forth through a pump and multiple lines which get dirty over time. There is no filter to keep the fluid clean and bits of rubber and metal will build up creating wear to many of the systems seals. Removing this build us requires a power steering fluid flush. technicians will recommend this flush at factory specified intervals or when the power steering fluid becomes dark brown or black. If this issue is not resolved quickly many of the system components such as the rack, pump, lines and gear will be affected leading to costly repairs.


“When should I get a power steering fluid service?”

  • Hearing a whining, squeaking, or humming noise when turning the wheel.

  • Stiff wheel

  • Visible fluid leaks under the car.

  • Make sure to review the owner’s manual and perform a power steering fluid service at recommended intervals.


At Essential Auto Care, our ASE certified technicians have years of experience performing power steering fluid services. Contact us and schedule an appointment today!


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