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Subaru Head Gasket Replacement


Is your Subaru leaking oil? Does your Subaru overheat on long drives? If you answered ‘yes’, you may need a head gasket replacement. But not to worry, Essential Auto Care is here to help!

Early detection of a bad head gasket is key to keeping cost down and the health of your Subaru up. When spotted at the earliest signs of failure, the potential for additional damage or catastrophic failure can be kept to a minimum.

What should you keep a look out for? The easiest thing to inspect for signs of a head gasket failure is the head gasket itself. Located near the top of the engine block, oil seepage or sweating of the head gasket could be the key indicator of impending failure. Also, if you notice higher than normal temperature readings or occasional overheating during longer drives, these may also be signs of head gasket failure.

So, what do you do if you notice these? Our ASE Certified technicians are specially trained on Subarus to identify and quickly diagnose any problem, including head gasket failure. Schedule an appointment today with one of our ASE Certified technicians if you notice these signs of failure.

For additional assurance, during any regular maintenance of your Subaru, our technicians will perform a complimentary inspection of the engine bay for any visible leaks or sweating indicative of any other possible gasket failures.

What do you do if you think you need a head gasket replacement? Schedule an appointment with one of our ASE Certified technicians to inspect the vehicle, top to bottom. If your Subaru needs a new head gasket, it is also recommended (but not required) to perform a timing belt and water pump replacement simultaneously. Performing these services simultaneously saves time and money. For more information give us a call and one of our talented service advisors would be more than happy to tell you more.

Do you think your Subaru may need a head gasket replacement? Call us today to schedule an inspection with one of our ASE certified technicians!

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