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Maintenance Series: Air Cabin Filter

Do I need to change my air cabin filter?

When it comes to general maintenance, many people may completely avoid replacing their air cabin filter. However, it does serve an important function in your car and should be changed every 15,000-20,000 miles or once a year.

The air cabin filter keeps the air inside your vehicle’s cabin clean. Replacing the air cabin filter will help the cars HVAC system prevent pollutants such as dust, pollen, debris, smog and mold from entering the cabin. The filter is said to help with allergy issues. 

 In addition to keeping the air quality clean the filter may prevent an expensive repair. If the cabin filter is dirty it can make the climate system in the car work harder and damage the blower motor. While it is recommended the filter be changed on a regular schedule, you can extend the life of some filters by simply cleaning the. However, all filters will eventually need to be replaced.  

Signs the cabin air filter needs to be changed:

Reduced air flow to the HVAC system.

Increased fan noises. This means the fans are working harder then intended and need to be serviced.

Musty or bad smell coming from the vents. 

Call Essential Auto care today if your experiencing what can be an old and dirty cabin air filter!

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