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How much do you love your Honda?

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Your Honda is probably the most reliable car you have ever owned only requiring routine maintenance services. The words we frequently hear associated with Hondas are reliability, durability and affordability. What words would you choose to describe your Honda? What’s your favorite model? Lets take a look at the most popular 2018 model, the Accord.

The 2018 Accord received a complete makeover. The car looks more dynamic from any angle and actually sits lower to the ground. Additional features such as a moon roof, LED head and taillights, and remote start on all trim levels gives the Accord a versatile look.

The interior has also been upgraded along with a new 2.0 liter turbo four-cylinder engine. Increased cabin space and legroom provides more comfort for all passengers. Driver seats now come equipped with a 12 way adjustable seat and both front seats come equipped with heating and cooling. The 2018 Accord includes a new 8 inch touch screen on the dashboard along with a 7 inch information display for the driver. 

Honda continues to innovate and give customers more to love every year. Drivers and passengers can now enjoy many system upgrades that previously came in higher priced packages. The sleeker look, latest technology matched with some mechanical upgrades give Honda lovers more to love!

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