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Honda Suspension and Steering

Queens, New York, Honda Suspension and Steering

Although Hondas are generally durable cars, suspension and steering may require some routine repair. Inclement weather, harsh terrain and general wear and tear affect their longevity. Weather you own a brand new 2018 Civic sedan or an older model with high mileage it’s recommended to routinely service the suspension, preventing future complications. Simple signs such as squeaking, rattling, and knocking are common noises related to steering and suspension issues. Other symptoms might not be so clear and will require a technician to accurately diagnose.     

Hearing strange noises is the most common sign your Honda might need some work. Groaning and squeaking sounds could be caused by a tight ball joint or tie-rod end. Your Accord or Civic might also suffer from broken springs. The broken pieces from the springs create noise while rubbing against each other. Cars with higher mileage may require both springs and struts to be replaced. Rattling or knocking noises may stem from ball joint issues. Knocking noises are common issues on older Accords and might be the final warning drivers get before the joint fails.  

In order to make sure your steering system stays intact the correct power steering fluid must be used. Hondas have zero tolerance for the wrong fluid which will result in replacing expensive racks and pumps. Tires play a large factor on how your car steers. Customers often say “the car won’t stay straight.” Tires must be the same size and anything more than 1/8th of an inch will cause the car to pull in one direction. Uneven wear and tear on the tires will also lead the car to pull. With all the potholes and bumps on NYC roads, alignments are a necessity.  


Here at Essential Auto Care we have ASE certified master technicians ready to diagnose and repair any issue you may be having. Our team are experts with Hondas and are equipped to handle any of your suspension and steering concerns. Please contact us at (347) 609-7495 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!      

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