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Honda, Acura Lower Control Arm

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Front Lower Control Arm Bushings, Honda, Acura 


What are front control arms?” 

Front control arms are what hold the suspension components to the subframe and controls movement at the wheels. The specific component that goes wrong with Hondas and Acuras are the bushings in the lower control arm. Fully functioning bushings are necessary to keep your vehicle’s control arms performing properly. When these bushings go bad it creates excessive movement and driveability issues. It’s important to fix this immediately because a bad lower control arm is a major safety issue.  

When these components go bad you may experience the following issues:

-Poor braking

-Difficulty steering

-Ware to the tires

-Pull or drift when driving


-Overall drivability


If a control arm and components is showing an excessive amount of ware the vehicle will be very dangerous to drive. Under these circumstances it is not uncommon for the front wheel to be completely removed from the lower suspension. When the wheel is no longer connected to lower suspension you may lose control of the vehicle and have an accident. We recommend this issue to be repaired immediately. 

If you are experiencing any issues with your lower control arms or it’s components on all Honda and Acura models please call the professionals at Essential Auto Care today! Our ASE master certified technicians are ready to have your vehicle road worthy in no time. 

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