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Essential Auto Care, Your Choice For Auto Repair

Choosing an auto repair shop is sometimes a scary and daunting task. The industry has had its reputation damaged by periodic news story of consumers being taken advantage of and flat out lied to by unscrupulous car shops. Finding a reliable mechanic is as important as choosing the right dentist or doctor. This blog post highlights some of the reasons why Essential Auto Care is the best auto repair shop in Queens, NY.

Yesterday’s method of finding a service was the good ol’ yellow pages. In today’s digital age, we rely on google searches and reviews. Essential Auto Care is proud to say we have a stellar online reputation from real client experiences. We boast a 5* overall review on both google and yelp. If you take the time to read some of the reviews, you will see that the common theme is we are friendly, caring, expertly professional and personal.

Our facility is the nicest repair shop in Queens, NY. We offer amenities to our clients such as a clean and comfortable client lounge. Complimentary refreshments such as coffee, soda and bottle water. Courtesy Shuttle Service for drop offs. Night time drop box for convenience after hours. Modern automotive service area that is fully equipped with the latest vehicle service equipment.

The most important aspect of what makes Essential Auto Care the best auto repair shop in Queens, NY is our people. Our team of professionals are all expertly trained in the automotive field with a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. We require all of our staff including our office team to be ASE certified. In case you are not familiar with ASE certification, it is the gold standard in certification for the auto repair industry and is recognized nationwide as a seal of excellence. Not only is our team highly qualified, they are all some of the most friendly people you will meet and are passionate about serving our clients. We genuinely care about you and your vehicle because we know having a safe and reliable car is an integral part of daily life.

If you would like to learn more about what we do and how we do it, please feel free to browse our website and check us out on facebook and instagram where we post more real time information as well as a behind the scenes look at what goes on here daily. I would also like to offer you to come see us if you have any automotive need. We are always here to help and offer a free complimentary inspection as well if you need a second opinion on a repair or service.

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