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Common Signs You Need Suspension Repair

5 Signs of Worn Shocks

Common Signs You Need Suspension Repair

Driving with worn shocks does more than just give drivers a bad ride in their vehicle, it has safety implications as well. However, it’s not always easy to tell when shocks need to be replaced, which can often lead to auto owners not having their shocks inspected by a suspension repair specialist.

Because changes in your shocks occur rather gradually, most drivers aren’t aware of the suspension wear and tear that has occurred over the thousands of miles. Let’s take a look at why shocks are an essential component of your vehicle and some common signs that you should have them inspected.

Suspension repair should be done on a regular basis to avoid costly repair repairs in the future. Don’t put off getting your car’s suspension system checked. Come see us at Essential Auto Care in Queens, New York, today to have your vehicle inspected by an auto repair specialist.

What Do Shocks Do?

Car shocks maintain optimal tire contact with the road by controlling the car’s weight shifts from side to side, front to back, and up and down. Whether it be bumps, debris, sudden stops, swerving, or potholes, properly working shocks help your car deal with whatever the road throws at it.

Shocks are extremely durable components, moving up and down 1,500 to 1,900 times per mile, cycling more than 75 million times over the course of 50,000 miles. They also work in collaboration with the brakes, steering, and suspension system to keep your vehicle on the road safely.

Here are a few other critical things that shocks do for your ride:

-Help the tires maintain contact with the road and prevent them from moving up and down excessively.
-Contribute to drivability and stability.
-Improve ride comfort by absorbing inconsistencies from irregular road surfaces.
-Help the tires wear evenly and improve tire life.

5 Signs of Worn Shocks

While shocks wear out over time, your car may show you signs that something is wrong with its ride control components and need suspension repair. Shocks that are worn out can affect many things, including your vehicle’s steering, stopping, and driving stability.

If your vehicle exhibits any of the following symptoms, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a suspension repair specialist.

Your Car Takes Longer to Stop

Because struts are a structural component of your vehicle, they can cause more than just suspension problems. When you brake, you may notice that your car feels unsteady, nosedives, or lurches forward. This symptom can be caused by a variety of other vehicle problems, but it is one of the most common signs of faulty shock absorber parts.

You Notice Uneven Tire Wear

This problem can be caused by a variety of other vehicle issues, not just bad shock absorbers. As a result, you may want to rule out other causes of wear. Uneven tire wear is a symptom that should not be ignored and could cause problems like hydroplaning and make your vehicle a potential safety hazard.

Your Car Nose Dives When Braking

When you hit the brakes, does your car’s front end feel like it’s dipping quickly toward the ground? This is known as nose dive, and it can be a sign of worn shocks and is hazardous because it can lengthen your car’s stopping distance.

You Notice Excessive Vibrations in Your Steering Wheel

When driving over rough terrain, your vehicle’s steering wheel may vibrate. However, once you’re back on normal roads, the vibrations should stop. If that doesn’t happen, you’re probably dealing with faulty shocks.

You Hear a Rattling Noise

A clunking or knocking sound may be heard when shocks and struts are worn out. When the shock or strut bottoms out when hitting a bump, metal-to-metal contact causes this sound, and worn shock components could be the source of these noises.

Suspension Repair You Can Rely On in Queens, New York

Shocks deteriorate over time and aren’t going to show up overnight, which can make it difficult to know when they should be replaced. If you suspect there may be an issue with your car’s suspension system, give us a call at Essential Auto Care today to schedule a professional inspection. Our technicians will look for any issues with the suspension, such as damaged shocks, broken mounts, and excessive swaying or bouncing of your vehicle.

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