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BG Transmission Service

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When going in for a routine maintenance the last thing anyone wants to hear about are transmission issues. Good thing there are companies out there like BG Products that provide excellent transmission services! BG has a diverse line of transmission products created to withstand the test of time. The transmission service is backed by a lifetime protection plan if the initial service is performed within 100,000 miles. In order to maintain coverage , get a BG Transmission Service every 30,000 miles.

BG PF5 Power Flush and Fluid Exchange System

The BG PF5 is an alternative to traditional transmission fluid exchange methods. Within a few minutes the PF5 can complete an entire transmission fluid exchange. Different fluid exchange methods such as a pan drop or transmission flush are not as effective when removing old fluid. Any old fluid left behind can contaminate new fluid causing it to brake down quicker. 

The simultaneous exchange of fluid does not allow intermixing between new and old fluid. Once the exchange is complete additives such as BG ATC Plus or BG Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid Conditioner can be installed through the PF5 to ensure long fluid life.

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