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5 Red Flags You Need a Wheel Alignment

Five Red Flags That You’ll Need a Wheel Alignment

Did you know that 35% of car accidents are due to tire issues?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tires are responsible for approximately 1/3 of car accidents. Wheel alignment is a process that ensures a vehicle’s wheels are pointing in the same direction as a vehicle’s steering wheel, and this is done by adjusting its tires. Driving on misaligned wheels is dangerous, so it’s crucial to have proper wheel alignment. Get your wheels aligned for safe driving and come to Essential Auto Care in Queens, New York, to get your car serviced by ASE-certified mechanics with over 70 years of collective experience.

  1. Unusual Uneven Tire Wear
  2. Have you noticed uneven wear on the inside or outside of any of your tires? If there’s a significant difference in the tread depth across your tire, you’ll need a wheel alignment. When your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned, the tread wear is uniform.

  3. Your Steering Wheel Pulls to the Left or Right
  4. If you’re trying to drive straight, but your car is always veering to the left or right, your car has poor wheel alignment. A soft pull to one side is an early sign of wheel misalignment, and a stronger pull to one side is a sign of serious misalignment.

  5. Your Steering Wheel is Crooked or Vibrates
  6. If you’re driving in a straight line, but your steering wheel is off-center, your car will need a wheel alignment. Additionally, wheel misalignment can cause vibrations while you drive. Your steering wheel should be neutral when you’re driving straight. If you frequently have to force your steering wheel to a neutral position, that can be dangerous.

  7. Your Car Squeals
  8. If you have a serious wheel misalignment, you’ll hear a squealing sound while you drive. The noise is caused by your tires dragging across the pavement when they should be rolling. If you hear squealing sounds, visit your local auto repair shop immediately.

  9. You Were in a Car Accident
  10. Car accidents, even minor ones, can cause your wheel to get out of line. Hitting a curb a little too hard, driving too fast over a speed bump, or driving over a pothole can cause wheel misalignment.

Essential Auto Care Has You Covered

Visit Essential Auto Care in Queens, New York, to get your wheels aligned if you experience any of these red flags of wheel misalignment. Let our ASE-certified technicians properly perform a wheel alignment diagnostic. Our team can fix your wheel alignment and return your car back to its original working condition. Additionally, we gladly offer visual courtesy inspections to our clients.

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